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Mostly, these ads come in the form of Facebook pages, blog posts or tweets advertising an escort service or individual sex workers.

Researchers also found such ads on and (interestingly, the latter is owned by the New York Times Co., which employs Kristof, arguably the most vocal critic of Backpage).

Others are veteran New Yorkers in need of a change of pace.

“Gay White dude who is fed up with his bar fly, drugged out friends,” a man who resembles “a thin Rabbi” writes.

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The man featured here posted an ad with the subject line “Are you taking the time to enjoy the moment?

The release lays out the financial benefit to hosting such ads: "Whether free or paid, listings and ads for escort services and similar adult content frequently serve a business purpose for sites like and YP.com," the report explains.

"They drive traffic and page-views; they deliver legitimate results for seemingly (or pseudo-) legitimate businesses; and they provide search results with adjacent paid or pay-per-click ads, which can generate revenue as they are served."The volume of these ads is nowhere near that on Backpage, but AIM's finding shows how easily sex ads proliferate online, even in "legitimate" online venues.

A metalhead seeks other metalheads; a woman wants company for Zen meditation.

Many are seeking professional connections—masseuses looking for bodies to work on, a yogi looking for students, a young woman who charges ninety dollars an hour to listen to people’s problems and extra if they want to cuddle—but many others say that they just want someone to hang out with: a “vegan bestie,” or someone to share an appreciation of ice skating and Latin dancing.

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