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agroveoforangetrees: "Just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score! Snooping is a bad idea, will only make your trust issues worse, and can ruin a relationship. If you don't trust him, talk to him, or end things. Men cheat." I was so heartbroken and kept crying and she suggested I get back together with him. to which the mom replies, It's because you're too smart, it's scares them… I've heard people say not to admit mistakes because it makes you look weak." Yeah, always great to advise someone to go for someone who is taken and get them to cheat on their significant other. Source: Shutter Stock montereyo: "Love means never having to say you're sorry." ...what? Where did this quote come from and why is it so popular? Answer it when you can, whether it's right away or once you're off work. She's the kinda woman who thinks that men can do whatever they want, and women should stay virgins until marriage (funny that she thinks that because she got knocked up before getting married). I have heard someone say that we just need to accept the fact that men cheat, and it made me so angry I almost broke a blood vessel. Source: Shutter Stock Remain Nameless24: I was moaning about how it sucked being a starving uni student with two jobs and my aunt suggested I "Have a baby. Well, I think admitting to your mistakes makes you seem strong and confident.In she explains, "Housework, particularly floor-scrubbing, is not only great for the female figure, but it's good for the soul.And it will help take the edge off your sex appetite."Fact: Doing your laundry has nothing to do with whether or not you'll want to have sex.If a relationship isn't making you happy, don't wait around until you get used to it enough to stay forever. They give really good advice." Completely seriously. Have you guys learned nothing from reading Gurl.com? I've unfortunately heard this in real life, and it's the worst. Of course you have to say you're sorry sometimes, no matter how in love you are. Source: Shutter Stock Sondalsta: A girl I have now dumped as a friend told me that I needed to make sure I have my boyfriend securely under my heel and to quash any 'uppity' behavior from him because 'we have vaginas and they want the vagina so we're in charge'. You don't have to accept that anyone cheats, because cheating is selfish and wrong. You'll get some benefits if you get a guy to knock you up." A total "DAFUQ is wrong with you?!!? If you can't admit you were wrong, you'll never make it in a relationship.No one is in charge in a relationship, no matter what kind of genitals they have. Source: Shutter Stock logicalsaint: You'll learn to love it.

There is so much bad advice out there that I’ve already written about it twice – check it out here and here – and there is STILL more that I left out.

This sexual double standard is thankfully becoming out of date.6.

Advice: If you get a guy turned on, you have to have sex with him.

To help all of you navigate the complicated world of first dates, flirting and entering relationships, I’ve put together yet another list of pieces of advice you should never listen to, but that you’ve probably heard.

It’s all taken from this Ask Reddit thread on the worst advice women have ever gotten.

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