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Brent asked Klim if he could get a shot of he and Thorpe, and while Thorpe looked visibly agitated, Klim quickly said, "no worries, mate." We ran the shot on Outsports the next day: I had observed all this over the two days we were there and that's when I "knew" Thorpe was gay.

I could not prove it in a court of law, but I knew in the way we gays often know about certain people.

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In the following years, Thorpe's sexuality was a topic that cropped up regularly.The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser., the decorated Olympian describes the past year as “really great” though he admits it was not exactly what he expected: “Throughout all of it, I’ve been really happy living my life with authenticity and honesty.I don't know what else was going on with him at the time." Brent respected his privacy and did not chase after him, but he was determined to get a shot of Thorpe, the world's best swimmer at time, when he was in a public space.He finally got his chance when he saw Thorpe next to fellow Aussie swimmer Michael Klim, who was happily posing for photos with younger swimmers thrilled to be next to their stars.

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