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Ukraine concluded a deal with Russia in January 2006 that almost doubled the price Ukraine pays for Russian gas.Disputes with Russia over pricing have led to periodic gas cut-offs.Ukraine is a source, transit and, to a lesser extent, destination country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor.Forty-eight percent of the trafficking victims assisted by IOM and its local NGO partners in Ukraine in 2008 suffered sexual exploitation; three percent had been forced to beg; and 49 percent suffered other forms of forced labor.“Younger men in the former Soviet Union also have an unusually high mortality rate”, confirms the research.While the life expectancy of Russian females is 75.6 years, males will on average reach only the age of 64.2, demonstrating a staggering 11.4-year gap.The gender ratios are the constant complaint of women in post-Soviet countries, because they feel pressured to do anything in order to attract and keep a mate.

In the subsequent years it improved, however the current rations for 2015 are still strongly imbalanced with 86.8 men for 100 women in Russia today.

Or maybe the man travels a lot for work, and he requires sex, because the wife is not next to him.”, and not a male.

Russian men would possibly put 100% of the blame on the wife, and not just partially.

Paired with minds clouded by vodka, this view on bravery causes multiple tragedies for all involved.

Accidents due to reflex impairment are also to blame.

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