Turbo lister not updating store categories

Shorten the housekeeping needed before deleting inventory. Add option to disable item specifics caching for a session. Fix "Clean Green" template layout problem when no gallery in use. Fix potential crash when deleting multiple stock items. Avoid "missing Pay Pal" message when first listing. Stop warning message 12518 : Insurance option has been turned off. Fix problem of categories being larger than maximum integer. Roll back e Bay compatibility level to avoid e Bay item specifics failure. Fix Turbo Lister import problem with Buyer Requirement Details. Show value of item specifics when set for a listing. Support program: Ignore lock file when Listomax died on this machine.

Block deletion of inventory item while other activity is taking place.

Avoid warning message about e Bay return policy on foreign sites. Check that Buy It Now price is at least 30% above Auction price.

Change URL for viewing listing so lines are not cramped.

Change template Listomax logo to conform to e Bay requirements. Stop warning message 12518 : Insurance option has been turned off.

Add support for additional shipping cost for multiple items. Maximum weight for 1st Class Mail parcels raised to 16 oz.

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