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in Dedham, is the only correctional institution in the United States that is located between the lanes of an interstate highway.

The jail sits between the northbound and southbound lanes of Interstate 95, also known as Route 128.

The beam from which convicted murderer Henri Costley was hanged is still in a warehouse maintained by the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office.

Costley had been convicted of murdering his housekeeper -- with whom he had a romantic relationship -- after he became engaged to his wife. 26, 1975, Norfolk County Correction Officer Joseph Stroy acted with extraordinary valor in the face of danger and suffered a bullet wound during an escape at the old Village Avenue jail. that night, a fellow correction officer opened a cell door to allow an inmate to use a payphone.

After serving on the Quincy City Council and in the Massachusetts House, Sheriff Clifford H.

Marshall was elected in to take over the reins in Norfolk County in 1975.

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The case generated a surge of anti-immigrant sentiment and received international media attention.

We are here to say the high standards of justice, which we in Massachusetts take such pride in, failed Sacco and Vanzetti." The last death penalty execution in Massachusetts took place on May 9, 1947 in Charlestown, but prior to that, executions were a relatively common occurrence.

The last execution in Dedham occurred at the old jail on Village Avenue on June 25, 1875.

Sheriff Bellotti is the 17th person to hold the office.

The word, "sheriff," is a blend of the old English words, "shire" and "reeve".

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