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Stacy has also worked in the private sector and at both federal and state agencies. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, from the University of Massachusetts at Boston with a Graduate Certificate in Women in Politics and Public Policy Program, and with a J. Stacy is a member of the Boston Rotary Club and the USA 500 Club.

Her legal career has focused on working with young women, victims of violence, and those who have faced discrimination. Stacy has been featured in a number of local and reputable national media outlets.

Oregon Law Center (OLC) provides free civil legal services to low-income individuals to assure fairness on matters related to critical needs like food, shelter, medical care, income and physical safety.

- information, advice and representation on a number of administrative law issues that are important for low income clients including health care, unemployment insurance, food stamps, the Jobs program, public benefits, Social Security and child support - information, advice and representation on a number of employment law issues that are important for low income clients including wage claims, discrimination claims, family leave, working conditions and safety - information, advice and representation on a number of family law issues that are important for low income families, with the highest priority for matters involving domestic violence - information, advice, and representation on a number of issues that are important to farmworkers, including wage claims, working conditions, housing and health care - information, advice and representation on a number of housing law issues that are important for low income people including Fair Housing, government subsidized housing, landlord-tenant law and issues related to homelessness - provides services to clients who speak indigenous languages from Mexico and Guatamala, including Mixteco, Zapoteco, Triqui, Kanjobal and other languages.

Lindy keeps the VRLC at the forefront of this national discussion through consultations and trainings with state and national agencies, universities, and other legal service providers.

She has been a Resource Team member and trainer for the OVW Campus Program Training and Technical Assistance Institute since 2010, as well as a presenter for the Project STOP NOW!

Along with managing the daily activities of the VRLC, she also manages the Boston office’s staff attorneys, who represent hundreds of victims of sexual assault throughout Massachusetts in a wide range of legal areas, including education, privacy, safety, education, immigration, and federal and state government benefits.After serving five years on the VRLC’s Board of Directors, she was appointed the Executive Director in 2010.As the first national nonprofit law center in the country solely dedicated to the civil legal needs of rape and sexual assault victims, Stacy manages the VRLC’s administrative operations and strategic direction for both offices, which are located in Boston, MA and Portland, OR.Jessica has been honored by the and on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force. Colby has specific expertise in the representation of college students utilizing Title IX, FERPA, CLERY, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and IDEA, and trains nationally regarding the education rights of sexual assault victims. Over the last decade, her career experience includes working with a number of nonprofit agencies focusing on women's rights issues and the environment.She was a founding member of Counter Quo, a national campaign to change the status quo on how we examine and respond to sexual assault. is a staff attorney at the Victim Rights Law Center’s Boston office. Colby assisted the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center with the creation of a Massachusetts-wide training curriculum for veteran and new recruit police officers. In addition to her work with the VRLC, she is a full-time lecturer in the Accounting & Finance Department at UMass Boston. joined the VRLC in 2015 as a Senior Staff Attorney.

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