Okcupid dating persona wild rose

I have been on several dates with wheelchair users, but each one is different in whether he wants or needs help with certain things and different attitudes about how disability has played in his life.

I don’t automatically know what you are capable of.

It’s just a type of physical attraction, but it doesn’t mean that we are more or less interested in sex than anyone else.

I feel comfortable in saying that devoteeism always starts as fantasy.

Keep an eye out for compatibility issues, but know that they are probably not fixated on your body, they just think you are very sexy and it’s hard to separate that from seeing true compatiblity.

I know when I first started exploring this side of myself in dating, I went out with guys I had nothing in common with and extremely different personalities just to see if physical compatibility could overcome that. If the dev you are interested in has not had any experiences with disabled lovers before, it is good to remember that he or she might be too overcome with attraction to watch for the other elements of a relationship and you should keep an eye on that.

It’s a tricky balance to arrange of how much to ignore the disability and how much to acknowledge it or talk about it and it’s a different balance with every person. Don’t assume that because someone is a dev, that means he or she is just interested in sex and is super kinky and horny.I’ve started to see it as the reverse of the typical scenario. ” Many people would say that it would be challenging and require readjustment, but if you really love each other, you work through it. If the disability were to somehow go away, it would require readjustment, it would be tough, but with real love it could be worked out.Someone might ask, “What would happen if I were in an accident and paralyzed? As I said above, because of the terrible reputation of devoteeism and fear of being thought creepy or bad, the vast majority of devs are “in the closet” and have not had the opportunity to have a relationship.My experience has been that for many people who have disabilities, finding out about devs is cool and exciting at first.What a great thing, you might think, that someone will actually want my body as it is instead of just putting up with it.

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