Mathematica dynamic updating

If you are not familiar with the Wolfram Language, you should take a peek at this fast introduction, which explains the main ideas behind this programming language and includes a basic introduction to get you started.

For this experiment, I used the 9DOF (degrees of freedom) Sensor Block, which measures linear acceleration (x, y, z), magnetic field strength, and angular rates.

what I'm trying to do is- I've a column in my excel workbook called "Banked Amount" which varies from month to month.

Now, what I would like to do is to calculate a total of all the "Banked Amount" cells.

Next sequence is in column D13 and E13 respectively, and so on.

As I change the values in list a, I see corresponding change is b and c; however, I would expect each statement to Part the first element. My question is why do we see this behavior, and how can I apply consecutive Dynamic list manipulations?

The code below crashes the Mathematica kernel in version 10 (not in V9) every time I run it on Windows and on Mac OS. I've tracked down two probable issues, each related to a system variable, and there may be others.

I've sent it to WRI, but was told that they could not reproduce the crash. At least in either case, the crashing can be triggered or prevented.* It turns out that @Michael E2: You're right, this looks like a race condition: If I assign all Mathematica processes to a single CPU core, it doesn't crash anymore (or at least not that often).

Just recently, Spark Fun released the Blocks for the Intel Edison, which include a dozen or so little electronic building blocks that you can plug into the Edison using a Hirose connector.Here is a video of the result: C interface to be able to communicate with the device.For this, I used a software component of the Wolfram Language called Library Link.This is a cross-post of I am working on something where I need to know which locator out of many is currently being changed. I am trying to write a simple cylindrical tank design notebook.

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