Lincolnshire echo dating

In the centre are the royal coat of arms of James I, dated 1605.

It replaced an earlier gate, possibly Norman, but conceivably the south gate of the Roman city.

Beyord this and below the Cathedral is the church tower of St Peter at Arches, which was demolished in 1932 to make way for new shops. Ferneley I shows the change brought about by the coming of the railway, with a level crossing cutting across the street, still a prominent feature of the street to-day.

Many of the Georgian buildings are still there and the lower water conduit at St Le Wigford is shown on the right.

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The other buildings shown all appear to have been demolished now.The Stonebow and Guildhall is Lincoln's town gate with a Guildhall above, dating from the 15th century and restored in 1885-57.The figures in the niches are (left) the Archangel Gabriel and (right) the Virgin Mary, patron saint of the city and cathedral.High Street churches are St Mary le Wigford next to the railway crossing, St Peter at Gowts, and St Botolph's.Former churches (now demolished), were St Martin's at the north of High Street, St Peter at Arches at a corner with Silver Street, St Mark's and St Andrew's.

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