Is nat wolff dating rebecca black

Michelle Monaghan, obviously, and Alexandra Daddario in the early episodes, but there was one actress who delivered a subtle and impressive turn later on, who also turned out to be someone we’d already seen and been taken with in very different roles.That’s Erin Moriarty, who played the older, troubled version of Woody Harrelson‘s daughter Audrey on the acclaimed HBO drama.

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We’ll confess that we thought Elgort seemed a little bland in advance, but his performance in the film was the real deal, breaking out far beyond the ‘sensitive jock’ archetype that he could have been.It’s the first time we’ve run a separate category for this younger age group, but it felt like an appropriate way to be able to cover a few more names, and also to comment on the ever-expanding space for teen and young adult movies, which come with a built-in need for younger actors as viable leads.Not only that, but the unstoppable rise of prestige TV, especially ensemble shows like “Game of Thrones,” which feature a whole host of younger actors, makes it seem like there are more avenues than ever into the world of acting for this age group.At least, that’s worked for “The Fault In Our Stars” lead Ansel Elgort.Before this year, he was much less well-known than his co-star Shailene Woodley, but after joining her in two big hits, and with lots more on the way, he’s likely to become as much of an on-screen fixture as she is.

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