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When the rights became available again earlier this year, I was lucky enough to have a couple of choices, and in the end I plumped for Fortress Entertainment.

This is a brand new financing & production company headed by a couple of guys who completely got the story and made me think they could do great things with it.

I just don’t want to ruin the friendship.” I’m also a little wary about that “mid-30s”: is that her age or birthdate? First, I am a sucker for wacky names, and “Faith Paradise” is even better than “Juliette Private”.

So if I open the door, Vanessa’s face will fall with disappointment. I have to say, though, I’m surprised that someone so picky about who she sleeps with has chosen this career path. Will she need to get some studying done while she’s over? It’s almost as if she’s suggesting that Uni Students who have sex are rare and exotic. She’s cheeky (that’s a plus), private (won’t tell everyone the next day), and, apparently, has 23 credit cards! This is what the Fortress guys will use to decide whether I’m the right guy to write the full thing.

Last time I went on this particular ride, the production company got themselves a script I didn’t much like.

For me it was too focused on the logistics of Scat and 6’s challenges and not enough on their relationship.

If you’re a Struggling Writer (TM) looking for ways to improve, head straight for the recently-revamped Internet Writing Workshop.

Or, possibly, read the rest of this blog, then head on over. The toughest thing about writing a novel is the loss of perspective.

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Although maybe I’m reading that wrong; maybe you get her around to your house but when you try to get frisky, she says, “I’m sorry…

Thanks to everyone who’s visited my site in 2004—this blogging thing has been very cool. I was reading my local community magazine and came to the classified column “Adult Services.” There weren’t many to choose from, so apparently (a) I live in a morally upright suburb, and (b) it’s a sellers’ market.

I wasn’t sure what the hell I was doing in the beginning, or whether posting regular updates to my site would quickly get boring. Still, I decided to critique their marketing efforts: If I was buying, which hooker would I hire?

This has worked better than you might expect, so I’m leery of postponing that crucial time when I start thinking about stories.

But a run first thing in the morning helps me, too. I got up, turned on my computer, and read over the last page or so of , which is what I’m currently working on.

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