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Apart from modeling for photobooks, Horikita appeared in magazines and television advertisements.She is best remembered for her television commercials for Fujifilm(where she appeared alongside Japanese idol Tomoya Nagase) and Lotte.Despite her boyishness, Horikita looked up to her mother.This was revealed when she appeared in an episode of KAT-TUN's now-defunct variety show Cartoon KAT-TUN where she mentioned that she liked imitating her mother when she was younger.In 2012, Horikita was offered to lead the cast of an NHK asadora named Umechan Sensei .The morning drama featured Horikita as Umeko Shimomura in her carefree teenage years until she blossomed into a dependable town doctor during the Showa era.Months later, she was given the lead role for Teppan Shoujo Akane and the role of a bully who is behind a class rebellion in Seito Shokun!where she co-starred with her agency senior Rina Uchiyama.

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Produced by WOWOW FILMS, the movie was screened at the Berlin Film Festival in the Panorama category.In the same year that Hana Kimi was filmed, Horikita also starred in the Taiga drama Atsuhime with Aoi Miyazaki.In the same year, she played the lead character who has multiple personality disorder in the suspense movie Tokyo Shōnen and reprised her role as a student apprentice in Always: Zoku Sanchome no Yuhi, the sequel to her breakthrough movie.She is also a staple image endorser for Suntory and NTT Do Co Mo.In 2008, Nihon Monitor recognized Horikita as one of Japan's top endorsers during its annual Most Popular Personality in TV CMs.

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