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Founded in 1816 in upstate New York, Remington is one of our nations oldest continuously operating manufacturers. The Company distributes its products throughout the U. DISASSEMBLY & REASSEMBLY GUN-GUIDE Disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, and reassembly for all models. Mid 60s: The M16A1 was updated with a new buffer to reduce the rate of fire, chrome plated chamber and barrel, closed prong flash hider, forward assist, new buttstock with cleaning kit, and a 30 round magazine.

The Model 700 50th Anniversary rifle is chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum.Please do not hesitate to contact The Harry K Foundation with any questions, concerns or comments. Waters, Alfred Jenks & Son, Allen & Wheelock, American Arms Co., Arisaka, Baker Gun Co., Beretta, Browning, Burnside Rifle Co., Charleville, Colt, Connecticut Arms, CVA, DWM, E. Harry Keswani 313 S Boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 (302) 226-0675 [email protected] here to visit the Harry K Foundation web site. The AKM has a stamped receiver and entered into service in 1961. The only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models. Since then the SKS has been fabricated by several other countries including China (Type 56 / Norinco), East Germany (Karabiner-S), North Korea (Type 63), Albania, North Vietnam, Romania, and Yugoslavia (M59 & M59 /66).The AK-74 fires a 5.45 mm bullet and has replaced many of the 7.62 weapons. Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface. The country of origin can be easily determined by markings on the receiver.

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