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D., boot up the site of a top competitor, Fling, and demonstrate how, shortly after registering, they are wooed by what appear to be bots. "We doubt it really is Megan Summers."In an email, Fling owner Abe Smilowitz writes, "We absolutely don't use fake profiles and bots…Us and AFF are pretty much the only guys that don't." This could be true. "We still think they do."To keep out the bots of spammers and hackers on AFF, Conru, who launched the site shortly after getting his doctorate as a means to meet women, codes his own countermeasures and frequently checks user names and IP addresses for veracity.

With a Google image search, one of the women turns out to be pornstar Megan Summers. Any number of spammers and hackers might have created the profile with Summers' photo; it could be a housewife using the likeness to boost her appeal or conceal her identity. "It's a daily slog, going through hundreds of accounts every day evaluating them and deactivating them," he says.

"It's been a cat and mouse game for 20 years."And it's not a game he always wins.

The company suffered a massive hack that exposed the profiles of an estimated 3.5 million members — which generated international headlines by revealing high-profile kink-seekers on Capitol Hill, in Hollywood and higher education.

Soon afterwards, she met with an old friend whose father owned an electrical company.

Krysta was invited to his shop and started working as a general labourer, cleaning the shop and doing odd jobs, but quickly decided she wanted to move up the ranks and become an apprentice. Krysta met with a Victoria-based STEP Regional Employment Placement Specialist who worked with Krysta and her employer to create an opportunity for Krysta to get the training she desired, and provided her commitment to the employer.

"The only way you can compete with fraud is you let people know it's fraud," he tells me.

"And it happens across the industry."Conru and AFF's CEO, Jon Buckheit, another Stanford Ph.

Kevin observed: “Krysta is a young, ambitious woman in good physical condition.

Krysta Belfry has packed a lot of living into her first twenty-some years.

There were missteps and unexpected roadblocks along the way – but with the support of her friends and family, and the help of the Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP), she is well on her way to earning an excellent living in the trades.

For several years, Krysta worked a series of low-wage retail jobs.

During this part of her life, she gave birth to a lovely daughter.

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