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Last year I was the room mom for my son’s sixth grade class and couldn’t decide what to do for an activity with these kids who were surely too “cool” for the usual Halloween games and crafts.

I decided to give the old “peeled grapes for eyeballs” classic a try when I couldn’t come up with anything else and expected it to bomb. So this year I couldn’t wait to try it again with a new group of kids.

Punch (or hand-cut) two white circles trimming off a section of each to add a straight “uni-brow” above.

Top with black buttons from the Clippings collection for pupils.

Many of the academic staff are international leaders in their fields.

Staff hail from multidisciplinary international backgrounds and their interests cover a broad range of topics, please see individual personal pages to read more on the research involved.

With available resolutions of 1080, 720p and 640 or 480p, the camera offers high quality visuals.

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The streamlined design quickly and easily attached to your dashboard using the included suction mount, while a 120º wide angle lens ensures that you don't miss a thing on the road.In recognition of their outstanding research, Cambridge criminologists have been awarded numerous prestigious international awards.The Institute is also home to the Radzinowicz Library, which houses the most comprehensive criminology collection in the United Kingdom.Be sure to fold the ends of the chenille stems back onto itself so you don’t have any sharp pieces.Also be sure to glue the bandage together (leaving a little bit free at the end) to avoid unraveling during the game.

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