Erotic chat strangers

Ethan wants to recreate himself as a more distinguished writer, partly by launching a new literary app, and finds her inspirational.

Ethan is already a fan of Olivia's work; she has yet to experience his.

In "Sex With Strangers" at Theater Works, the "strangers" part goes quite well, while the sex leaves something to be, uh, desired.

The Laura Eason play, a popular choice at regional theaters throughout the country this year, opens with an unexpected meeting between Olivia, a female novelist in her late 30s (played here by Courtney Rackley), and Ethan (Patrick Ball), who has published a couple of best sellers while still in his mid-20s.

The couple's meeting, during a snowstorm, as the only inhabitants of a bed and breakfast in a remote part of Michigan, is fortuitous.

Olivia has written a new book, but doesn't want to show it to anyone.

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Ethan, known to his legion of online fans as "Ethan Strange," has scored two national best sellers adapted from a blog on which he recounts his frequent sexual dalliances.

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In Theater Works' inexplicably tame production, the performers generally launch themselves at each other, kiss strenuously, then start to remove their clothing just in time for a scene-ending blackout.

The undressing is so self-conscious, and the general demeanor so coy, that instead of imagining the pair getting hotter and heavier, you instead worry about how they'll get offstage in the dark with their pants halfway down.

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