Depreciation updating of values has errors

Example: this is to show all errors for code that may be run on different versions for php 5 it shows E_ALL^E_STRICT and for other versions just E_ALL if anyone sees any problems with it please correct this post for debugging.

This will not help in case of parsing errors, so make sure you enable at least E_PARSE in your

This means they cannot be disabled by dynamically altering the error level at run time within that page.

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I discovered this recently when I was given code from another development firm that triggered several E_STRICT errors and I wanted to disable E_STRICT on a per-page basis.It might be a good idea to include E_COMPILE_ERROR in error_reporting.If you have a customer error handler that does not output warnings, you may get a white screen of death if a "require" fails.If you are using the PHP development server, run from the command line via `php -S servername:port`, every single error/notice/warning will be reported in the command line itself, with file name, and line number, and stack trace.So if you want to keep a log of all the errors even after page reloads (for help in debugging, maybe), running the PHP development server can be useful.

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