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Paparazzi caught the exact moment that she videotaped their special moment.

It's clear that Kylie knows people will talk about her love life no matter what she does, so we don't blame her for conjuring up her own fake rumors.

But the other is far more revealing: Jenner, wearing a bikini with a beach-style skirt covering her bum, is sitting on the lawn, giving the lap dog a good pet; and Bieber is behind her, his head over her shoulder, his hand touching her hip in what seems to be an affectionate way.

"Me and Harry are holding hands so everyone thinks we're dating," she said on Snapchat.

They’re often quite flirty and Sam went to Adam’s sold out concert in New York last week after he went to one of Sam’s concerts in the U. The two are staying mum when it comes to their relationship status, but Adam has been raving about Sam in recent interviews—in addition to posting candid snaps on his Instagram, of them looking decidedly friendly while out and about together. I would be up for an all male duet if the song was great and the artist was right.

Lambert told the Daily Star he would love to collaborate with Smith on a romantic duet, confessing that he’s a “big fan” of the multi-Grammy winning Brit. Even if it wasn’t me recording it, I would certainly like to see that happen with someone else.

Los Angeles: Actress Kate Hudson, who was romantically linked to actor Brad Pitt earlier this year, says though there was no truth in the buzz, she still liked it.

Hudson addressed the dating rumor between her and Pitt during her appearance on "There's nothing true to that.

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