Dating my college professor

Students are young, smooth, lean, and sometimes availablea high temptation for some colleagues. Crazy rumors circulated for years, with sorority girls claiming to have slept with me or definitively knowing a girl who had.

When I started getting unsolicited invitations and anonymous notes from young men, I was less amused.

We would then walk to the café together, chat about nothing, and then walk to class together.

If colleagues heard that I was rumored to be fooling around with a young woman, they wouldn't take it seriously, but an athletic, handsome, creative, and sexy man — that's another story.

I remember discussing one particularly persistent brilliant and sexy male student with a doctor friend, who told me that physicians often negotiate a similar blurred zone of attraction, authority, and ethics.

(I ran into him one day near the New York Public Library; we had a nice exchange, and he encouraged me to "get back in touch.") Students like to flirt with professors, especially during office hours.

It's harmless, insincere, and flattering to those of us who have annual physicals.

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