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However, if your Japanese boyfriend still attempts to squeeze in a short pizza lunch date during his lunchtime on work-days, offers to tutor you in your Japanese lessons by Skype call at night after finishing work, or simply wants to know your schedule for the week so that he can plan for your next date, be glad and thank God you have found a keeper.

Ladies, we simply have to get used to the reality that many, if not most, Japanese men simply are not used to admitting their feelings to their girlfriends.

Being your usual flirty foreigner self-will just drive him away. Feminine style So you’ve already prettied up your skin and changed your personality, but you’re still not done yet. It may be the opposite to what you’d expect, but try not to wear revealing clothes.

You might think it ridiculous to change your style in order to get a guy, but if you’re serious about wanting a Japanese boyfriend, you’re going to need to think about how you wear your clothes.

Most guys want a girl who is smaller than themselves so they can feel manly and protective, and as most Japanese guys are themselves quite slim, their girls have to get pretty tiny. And don’t be too forward with your flirting – keep it subtle. The advice Madame Riri puts forward is to pull rather than push him towards you.

However, when it comes to height it seems like there’s no defining trend; some guys like their girls short, others like them tall. In the West we’re used to big breasts being – on the whole – the way to go, but a guy here is less likely to mention a huge pair of knockers when asked what he would want in his ideal woman. This is probably the essence of her advice; that foreigners can be too brash and in-your-face for the average Japanese man, who wants a meek, quiet lady on his arm, at least in the beginning when trying to make their approach and tensions are high.

If you are looking for a guy who never stops declaring his feelings and promising the world to you, I would not recommend dating a Japanese guy since you will only be disappointed. That being said, Japanese men show their affection more through actions and not merely words.

Simple gestures like holding an umbrella for you in the rain, getting heat packs from the nearest convenience store during an unrelenting winter night or simply being concerned about the progress of your Japanese and staying up all night to correct grammar errors in your essay are evidences that he is investing in your relationship.

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As there is great importance attached to a woman’s youth, or at least appearance of youth, if you want to bag yourself a Japanese man then you first need to get that “perfect” skin. Acting shy will make you seem “cute”, and being a “cute girl” is what many Japanese girls strive to be.The preferred route, our expert tells us, is for the girl to act shy, which ups their cuteness factor and makes it easier for the guy to approach them.If a girl doesn’t speak up around you it’s not because she’s not interested – far from it!Japanese people show their feelings through actions rather than words.Whereas in many Western countries it wouldn’t be shocking for a girl to come out and say “I like you” straight to a guy’s face, in Japan this is still considered rather unconventional.

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