Daniel rebecca biggest loser still dating

But Antoine and Alexandra were only two of four contestants who found love this season; Daniel Wright and Rebecca Meyer also got together after leaving campus.

The relationship clearly motivated them both to continue their weight-loss journey at home.

Second chances It was Daniel’s second time on “The Biggest Loser.” During season 7 he lost 142 pounds, and he was able to add another 111 to that total in season 8.

This time around, he was paired with Shay Sorrells, the heaviest contestant in the history of the show, whose starting weight was 476 pounds.

It revolves around the character Betty Suarez who, despite her lack of style, lands a job at a prestigious fashion magazine.

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“To go that quickly from that to this is amazing,” he told Vieira of his 239-pound loss. “One of my main inspirations for trying out for the show was my family,” he explained. “We have had the most horrible carpet for eight years in our house.” But for season 8’s Biggest Loser, the emotional rewards may outweigh the financial ones — and he intends to pass those winnings on.

But he has since regained all of the weight back and is now up to 450 pounds."It's kind of like hearing you have a life sentence," he told the Times.

The study is the first to look at the struggles of long-term weight management after losing significant amounts of weight.

“I am definitely going to pay it forward,” Danny told Vieira.

“ ‘The Biggest Loser’ has definitely given me my life back ...

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