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Klayman gave up Judicial Watch when he ran for Senator in Florida some years ago and is trying to get it back as well as running his new organization "Freedom Watch".This book chronicles his early life and legal battles with crooked politicians and others from both parties.Well written book, with many facets - Humor, outrage, sadness and much more.Hopefully this great book will motivate and inspire Americans for positive moral and ethical change.Absolute Whores Chat: Are you a fan of Absolute Whores? Absolute Whores Chat is the place where Absolute Whores fans chat with all music lovers especially people who love Absolute Whores. If you want to chat about Absolute Whores only, please click JOIN or log in.If you love Absolute Whores, join Absolute Whores Chat now.And his positions are up-to-the-minute accurate with the current revolt among the rank and file Republicans to overthrow the corrupt neo-cons and liberals that have taken over their party.So this book is as current as possible and has just barely been published.

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Each party not only protects its own, but protect one another across party lines in order to avoid making enemies, lest their own political goals be stifled.

Judges refuse to hear cases against politicians in high places, even when evidence is overwhelming, because they don't want their own career to suffer. This tells the truth about the so called "Washington Elites" who believe they are above the rest of us!

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