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After learning that schoolteacher Miss Hunter is teaching evolution to his daughter, a religious fanatic breaks into the Baldwins' and steals some Recipe, then gets drunk and beats his daughter.

He then uses the remaining Recipe to burn down the school, killing himself in the process.

Note: This pilot movie has different actors (except for the children and Grandma Walton) from the series.

The cast includes: Patricia Neal as Olivia, Edgar Bergen as Grandpa, William Windom as Charlie Snead, Woodrow Parfrey as Ike Godsey, and Cleavon Little as Hawthorne Dooley.

Olivia contacts the girl's mother, who had earlier run away from her abusive husband, and the woman returns to look after her daughter.

The Waltons shelter a deaf girl (Erica Hunton) left on their back porch by her mother because her father insists on institutionalizing her.

While they search for her family, they start teaching her sign language, which she uses to help Elizabeth when an emergency arises.

Grandpa Walton takes it as a sign of his own impending death; Ben takes it as a sign he will win the fourth-grade spelling bee; and an unscrupulous relative of the sisters first plans to exploit the meteorite for financial gain, then tries to steal their "Recipe machine".

A young preacher, Matthew Fordwick (John Ritter), comes to Walton's Mountain fresh from seminary, where he has learned the currently-popular fire and brimstone style of preaching.

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