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Currently our Post has programs that inspire and train our youth; provide recognition and support for armed forces, law enforcement and fire fighters organizations; and provide volunteers for veterans’ clinics, hospitals and Fisher Houses.Your mission as a member of the American Legion is to identify where you fit, what your interests are and get started!Note 2: The above letters may be modified to ask for only specific emblems rather than all to which a veteran is entitled.Note 3: It is also helpful to add a paragraph if the veteran is entitled to such things as "conversion" awards or unit awards for specific organizational assignments.

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Since most of these National Guard and ROTC awards are not permitted to be worn on the uniform while on federal status, they are not issued or replaced as outlined in this article.My social security number is: My former service numbers are: My VA claim number is: Date and place of birth: Full name, Phone number Street address (or P. Box), City, State and Zip Code PLACE Address shown for appropriate military department I request that I be issued all award emblems to which (Full name of veteran) was entitled.I am the (Relationship) and the legal next-of-kin of the deceased veteran.It may take some effort and it may take some training to regain skills or hone the abilities you already have, but you will find your place.The times of our lives we remember most, the times we talk about, that have been the most rewarding, were often the most challenging. Harry R Woodstrom Commander The American Legion Jonathan D.

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